Tree crashes through home during storm Savage couple is thankful newborn wasn't in room


Sandra Gramer was just 2 1/2 days old when an oak tree came crashing through her bedroom during last Saturday's violent winter storm. But the tree just missed her -- she was out shopping.

"We just decided to go out and run some errands," said Sandra's mother, Paula Gramer, who was out with her baby and her husband, Bill, at the time of Saturday's storm. "We were at Wal-Mart for an hour and a half. By the time we got back, it was an hour after the tree fell on the house -- thank God."

Late this week, workers were still cleaning up debris from the storm, which damaged the Gramers' Woodward Street house in Savage so extensively that authorities have forbidden the Gramers from living in it while it is repaired.

The Gramers have been staying with other Savage residents and members of the First Baptist Church of Savage, where Bill Gramer is a youth director. They are looking for a place to stay during repairs, primarily to the roof.

The storm knocked down four trees along Woodward Street and damaged a house next to the Gramers' home, though not severely.

"We were wondering if it was a small tornado that hit us," said Cindy Hall, the next-door neighbor who was home at the time the trees fell and whose house also was damaged. "All we heard was just this loud noise."

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