Retired couple, analyst share $15 million Lotto jackpot Third winner of prize has not come forward


Robert and Ann Roth, a retired couple from Frederick, have four daughters and six grandchildren scattered across the United States. Sometimes their phone bill gets hefty, and Robert gets angry.

Not anymore.

The Roths discovered yesterday morning over breakfast that they had one of the three winning tickets for Wednesday's $15 million lotto jackpot -- a ticket Robert, 67, had purchased for his wife of 43 years on their anniversary, which was Wednesday.

The couple, and two other winners, will each get $5 million -- or $250,000 a year for the next 20 years.

"The first thing he said, 'I won't yell at you anymore about the phone bill,' " a still-shocked Mrs. Roth said last night.

"It's a wonderful feeling," she said. "But I still haven't stopped shaking, and I haven't eaten."

The Roths will split the prize with Dawn C. Woolford, 27, a research analyst from Columbia, and someone who purchased a winning ticket in St. Mary's County, but who has not come forward yet.

The Roths and Ms. Woolford came to Maryland Lottery headquarters on Reisterstown Road yesterday to claim their prize.

"I'm going to buy a new car and take care of my family," said Ms. Woolford, who plans to purchase the third Chevy Cavalier of her driving career.

Ms. Woolford also plans to marry Michael O'Sullivan, 26, a machinist.

Mr. Roth, a retired cement factory worker, bought the winning ticket at Evergreen Liquors in Frederick, and Ms. Woolford bought her ticket from the WaWa market on Hickory Ridge Road in Columbia. Both let the machine choose random numbers.

Ann Roth, a German native who met her husband in the early 1950s while he was in the Army, said she wants to use the money to send a grandson to college and to take a trip to Germany. Most important, she said, she wants to pay to have her far-flung family come to Frederick for Christmas.

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