Kult rides new album without shocks


If everything had gone according to their original plan, Buzz McCoy and Groovie Mann would probably not be on tour at the moment. In fact, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult -- the act McCoy and Mann have fronted for the last eight years -- probably wouldn't even be a band right now.

As McCoy explains, over the phone from a tour stop in Salt Lake City, the Thrill Kill Kult was originally imagined not as a musical group but as "an experience, a film-type project. We just got caught up in doing this band thing, and it's rolling, and we're having fun. So we're still doing it."

At the moment, in fact, the Kult is on the road for its second tour of the year. A few months ago, the group joined the Lords of Acid for the naughtily named Sextasy Ball, a cross-country jaunt that left some middle-American moralists howling in outrage. In some areas, clubs were forbidden to advertise the show, as if merely seeing the name in print would send waves of debauchery rippling through the community.

Was it really all that outrageous? "No, it wasn't," answers McCoy. "If anything, it was mild. But I guess people get scared by titles and names."

Considering some of the titles the Kult has come up with over the years -- its back catalog includes such rhythm-fueled rants as "Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix)," "Sex on Wheelz," "China DeSade" and "Disko Fleshpot" -- it's not hard to see how the bluenosed might worry about the band's set list. But McCoy says this current show is actually pretty staid.

"I don't think it will shock anyone," he says. "We're pretty much just playing 'band' this time around. We don't have any performance artists with us, doing any extra-shocking things. We're just out there playing.

"This tour is dedicated just to the new record. The first half of the set is the new record. We're introducing 'Hit & Run Holiday' as a piece, and we play it like that. Then we come back and play all the old faves."

McCoy adds that, though the audience response to the new album is clearly positive, "they just can't wait to hear that one song that they've heard before and not something new. But they're not going to hear it until the end of the show." He laughs. "We make them suffer through the whole new album."

Meanwhile, the Kult members themselves are itching to get to work on their next project. "Right now, we're already visualizing the new record," he says. "It will take us into Aqua-Marina Land or something, with this trance-y, underwater, mermaid-vibe from outer space. Or whatever. We start getting scenarios and ideas in our heads, and then when we sit down to write the record, it comes out."

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

When: 8 p.m. tomorrow

Where: Hammerjacks

Tickets: $12

Call: (410) 659-7625 for information, (410) 481-7328 for tickets

BSundial: To hear excerpts from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult's new release, "Hit & Run Holiday," call Sundial at (410) 783-1800 and enter the four-digit code 6244. For other local Sundial

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