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Isang Yun, 78, the Korean-born avant-garde composer...


Isang Yun, 78, the Korean-born avant-garde composer whose kidnapping and trial by South Korea raised an international furor a quarter-century ago, died of a lung infection Friday in Berlin.

Mr. Yun was known in Korea for his songs about Korean unification and his political views. In Germany, he was admired for his compositions combining Eastern and Western traditions.

Living in West Germany since the 1950s, Mr. Yun visited Communist North Korea in 1963. He was kidnapped in 1967 by South Korean agents, put on trial in Seoul and convicted of unauthorized contacts with the north.

After protests from West Germany and musicians around the world, the South Korean government freed him from his life sentence and he returned to Berlin in 1969.

Stuart Lewengrub, 58, Southeast director of the Anti-Defamation League, died of esophageal cancer on Monday. He headed the ADL's Atlanta office, which serves Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina, for 26 years.

Richard Case Nagell, 65, a double agent and subject of the 1992 book "The Man Who Knew Too Much," was found dead of heart disease at his Los Angeles home Nov. 1.

John Cahill, 65, chairman of Trans World Airlines and former chairman of British Aerospace, died Saturday in Providence, R.I.

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