Tagliabue's statement THE BROWNS' MOVE TO BALTIMORE


"Browns owner Art Modell recognizes that he must justify the Browns' proposed move from Cleveland to Baltimore under the league's policy standards for team moves.

"This proposed move presents two sets of questions critically important to the league's future -- the first relating to the justification for the Browns to leave Cleveland, and the second relating to Baltimore's long-standing effort to have an NFL team return there. I have explained this to elected officials of both Ohio and Maryland in my conversations with them in recent days.

"The league's review will include many issues -- financial and otherwise -- unique to professional football's near 60-year presence in Cleveland.

"After reviewing all aspects of the proposed move under the league's policy standards, I will make a full written report to the membership at a special league meeting likely to be held in mid-January. At that time, the proposed move will require a vote of three-fourths of the league's membership [23 of 30] to be approved."

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