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Hammond High will present 'The Crucible' this weekend


HAMMOND HIGH School students will present their production of "The Crucible" Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 p.m. at the school theater.

Directed by Mary Ann Sasser, the cast includes Shoshannah Beck as Betty Parris; Larisa Stahl as Tituba; Evan Samuels as the Rev. Samuel Parris; Sarah Himmelheber as Abigail Williams; Cammie Surface as Susanna Wallcott; Molly O'Donnell as Mrs. Ann Putman; Nathan Harris as Thomas Putman; Georgia Paulding as Mercy Lewis; Jenny Crooks as Mary Warren; Dave Brewer as John Proctor; Beth Dibler as Rebecca Nurse; Chris Kennedy as Giles Corey; David Heine as the Rev. John Hale; Josselyn Essey as Elizabeth Proctor; Seth Blinder as Francis Nurse; Robert Heacock as Ezekiel Cheever; Michael Roland Kagey as John Willard; Immanuel Allbritton as Judge Hathorne; Ralph Bodenner as Deputy-Governor Danforth; Heather Hutcheson as Sarah Good; Lindsay Koshgarian as Martha Corey; Trevor Greene as Guard 1; and Jay Rushing as Guard 2.

Anna Pfeifer is assistant director; Joey Zemil, assistant to director; Seth Blinder, ticket manager; Cayleyc Pendergrass, stage manager; Xani Podolny, light design; Kees Fanjoy, poster design; and Greg Grason, draftsman.

Fifty-seven students, many of whom also play major roles, are working members of the various production crews.

Tickets may be purchased in advance for $4 at the door for $5.

Information: 313-7615.

Art and insects

L Phelps Luck Elementary students were on the move last month.

Fourth-graders traveled to Washington's Corcoran Gallery of Art take part in the "Look Again Tour" designed to help students understand and enjoy art.

Docents explained how artists use line, shape, color and texture to create their artistic effects. Each student created a tempera silk screen and brought it back to school to be displayed.

Dr. Shirley Colvin, fourth-grade team leader, art teacher Tom Fox and fourth-grade teachers Jennifer Cope, Arlette Hurt and Rebecca Robbins chaperoned the educational trip.

The school's second-grade students visited the Smithsonian's Insect Zoo in Washington. They and their teachers, team leader Carol Phillips, Colleen DeJodry, Frankie Holland-Aweh and Karen Cumming, watched as a tarantula was fed and had opportunities to handle and observe insects.

Art teacher Nancy Charamella is bringing art, parents and students together at Stevens Forest Elementary School.

"Expert" parents will talk to the students about a particular artist, presenting framed reproduction prints, which will be hung in the classrooms and can be seen during American Education week, Nov. 12-18. Art information is reinforced during art class and then incorporated with social studies, science, language arts and mathematics.

Christmas cafe and activities

The public is invited to enjoy "Christmas Spoken Here" at South Columbia Baptist Church, 8814 Guilford Road, Kings Contrivance Village from Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 from 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

"The Gifts of Christmas" is the theme of the Christmas rooms for guests to enjoy: a children's activity center, a holiday cafe, and an international room filled with special items from around the world. Each guest will receive a small gift.

Information: 381-1877.

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