Grand Entrances


The rustle and whisper of taffeta, the float of ballerina tulle, the poise of formal satin -- every woman should experience the flutter of an entrance in a gala dress.

Those fashion moments occur all too rarely, alas. Grand balls and great occasions have been supplanted by box suppers and wine tastings. There is something in the air right now, however. Fancy gowns are again waltzing through holiday collections. Designers are taking a nostalgic look at billowy skirts, crinolines and bustles and finding them charming.

So find an occasion. Walk your best beau through some ballroom dances. Practice tossing a stole and sweeping a floor-length skirt. Remember to hold that moment at the top of the staircase for a few extra seconds. Memorable!



Page 25 -- Gown, $250, by Jovani. Bracelet, $134. Ring, $769, by L. Landau Hyman. All at Montage d'Elegance Ltd.

Page 26 -- Gown, $1,045, by Alfred Fiandaca at Montage d'Elegance Ltd. Bag, $260, by Susan Riedeg at Joanna Gray Shoes of London. Earrings, $84, at Montage d' Elegance Ltd.

Page 27 (top) -- Coat and muff, $1,359, by No Creatures Great or Small at Octavia. Faux head wrap, $130, by Eric Javits at Lola Jones Inc.

Page 27 (bottom) -- Gown, $938, by George F. Couture. Bracelet, Earrings, $66. Bag, $295. All at Octavia.

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