Much of the year, this publication is...


Much of the year, this publication is devoted to discovering what's new -- the latest ripples in fine living in Baltimore. But somehow, when the holiday issue comes around, the perspective shifts. So much of what is meaningful at this time of year is the familiar and traditional. So, with this issue, we bring you updates on the classics.

Gifts of food are one of the oldest holiday rituals, but Sun writer Jon Morgan has come up with a '90s twist -- the regional cuisine of your choice shipped overnight. Complete meals from New York bagel breakfasts to Memphis rib dinners.

Another winter comfort, with a great deal of history, is the beverage port, which has been rediscovered in recent years, especially among the cigar-smoking crowd. Sun wine critic Michael Dresser, who tasted wines from Germany to Australia to California, provides his recommendations for some of the best ports and other dessert wines, to give as gifts or serve to guests.

Sun fashion editor Vida Roberts writes of the return of the entrance-making gala gown. There may be fewer truly formal occasions today, but when the right event does come along this season, there'll be lots of tulle and taffeta to choose from.

And don't miss Jean Marbella's true confessions about her love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart, that icon of domesticity who rolls her own beeswax candles and bakes and builds Olympic-size gingerbread houses.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday from all of us at Distinction.

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