Police seek man who ran away with money orders worth $600


County police are looking for a man who walked into a Valu-Food store in the 2600 block of Annapolis Road in Odenton Monday and stole two money orders worth $600.

According to police, the man entered the store and asked for the money orders, one for $100, the other for $500, and the clerk printed them before the man paid her for them.

When the clerk asked for payment, the man took out his wallet and then asked the clerk how to fill them out. As the clerk showed him the money orders and explained how to fill them out, the man snatched the money orders and fled.

Another employee chased the man but lost him, police said.

Police found a man in the area who also was seen running from the store, but the clerk told them he was not the man who took the money orders.

That second man told police he had ridden to the store with the man who took the money orders and that when he saw his friend run from the store, he decided to run. Police checked the second man's identification and found he was wanted for theft in Annapolis.

They arrested Michael Tyrone Morsell, 30, of the 8500 block of Pioneer Drive in Severn and charged him on the theft warrant.

Mr. Morsell identified his friend but did not give police enough information for an arrest warrant.

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