Browning-Ferris set to dedicate Annapolis offices


Browning-Ferris Industries Inc., one of the nation's largest trash companies, today will dedicate offices it has moved to Annapolis from northern Anne Arundel County.

Ceremonies will include BFI Chairman of the Board William D. Ruckelshaus presenting Anne Arundel Community College with a five-year, $25,000 scholarship. Each year, a $5,000 scholarship will go to a student in environmental studies. Mr. Ruckelshaus served as both the first and fifth administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

BFI's 27,000-square-foot district and divisional headquarters for Baltimore and Washington is the former local office of Eastern Waste Industries, which BFI bought earlier this year, said John L. Lininger, vice president of the Baltimore Metro Division.

"We like Annapolis," he said yesterday. "We thought it was a perfect place to be."

This spring, BFI was planning to leave its 25,000-square-feet of leased office space near Baltimore-Washington International Airport in favor of moving the Washington Metro Division closer to the capital and the Baltimore Metro Division into Baltimore. But because the EWI purchase included the Annapolis building, it made more sense to move both divisions, Mr. Lininger said. The move occurred over the summer.

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