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Shooting victim's friend says officer shot without warning Trooper contends man refused to drop gun


A friend of a Harford County man shot to death Saturday night by a state trooper said that police did not warn him to drop what turned out to be a BB gun, and that her friend was "just kidding around" with the weapon moments before he died.

Erin Hartnett, 18, of the 500 block of Patuxent Ave. in Rosedale said her friend, Calvin Edwards Jr., 20, of the 1000 block of Crimson Tree Court in the Sunrise East Condominiums in Edgewood, never meant to harm her, and the incident was a "horrible misunderstanding by the police."

Ms. Hartnett said that if police saw Mr. Edwards pointing a gun at her through a living room window as they approached the townhouse, the officers would have seen them laughing and joking.

Police said they were checking a report that a man was holding a gun to a woman's head.

Ms. Hartnett said that when two female friends left the townhouse shortly after 9 p.m., Mr. Edwards followed them and was standing in the doorway with the BB gun pointing down at his side when a state trooper fired, hitting him in the chest and left arm.

According to police, Tfc. Ernest Wilkinson III, 37, of the Bel Air barracks said he ordered the man to drop the gun several times and fired when the man raised his gun hand toward him.

"I was standing in the living room about two feet behind Calvin, and I never heard anyone warn Calvin to drop the gun," Ms. Hartnett said.

The incident remains under investigation, police said.

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