Collector in Illinois wants military flight jackets Market Value: Price, ranging from $200 to $1,000, depends on the insignia.


Can you provide us with any information as to the value of, and where we can sell, a size 40 World War II Navy leather flight jacket in good to excellent condition, stamped USN under the collar? It was given to us by a World War II veteran 20 years ago.

Such World War II Navy flight jackets can range in value from $200 to $1,000 or more depending on the jacket's insignia, according to Randy Donley. Write to him c/o War Museum Exhibits, 8512 S. Union Road, Union, Ill. 60180.

Enclose a photo or description of the piece or pieces and a self-addressed stamped envelope for an evaluation, reply or cash offer.

Mr. Donley especially wants to buy World War II Army Air Corps (A-2) leather flight jackets decorated with painted war art.

Where can I find information on the value of old postcards and/or their stamps? I have many of these, dating from the first part of this century.

Countless old picture postcards of various types can be found pictured, described and priced in the following books by J. L. Mashburn (all are available from Ace Enterprises, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, Ill. 60659):

* The 318-page first edition of "The Postcard Price Guide -- A Comprehensive Listing -- Thousands of Prices, Representing Millions of Cards" for $23.95 postpaid hardcover or $18.95 postpaid softcover;

* The 463-page second edition of "The Postcard Price Guide," which is completely different from the first and includes a chapter on postcard stamps and their values, complete with references, for $18.95 in softcover only;

* The 336-page first edition of "The Artist-Signed Postcard Price Guide -- A Comprehensive Reference" for $23.95 postpaid hardcover or $18.95 postpaid softcover;

* "The Super Rare Postcards of Harrison Fisher With Price Guide -- 82 Cards With Values up to $300 Each," picturing such cards published between 1918 and 1925 in a 72-page softcover edition for $13.95 postpaid;

* The 451-page first edition of the "Black Americana Price Guide -- A Century of History Preserved on Postcards," picturing and pricing more than 560 real-life and artist-drawn images of African-Americans on postcards with 1996 values, in softcover for $22.95 postpaid.

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