WJHU hits money goal early


Four months after dropping weekday classical music in favor of talk and news programming, radio station WJHU-FM (88.1) declared the change a success yesterday, ending a scheduled nine-day pledge drive about eight hours early when it surpassed its goals.

"It's clear that there's enthusiastic support for some of the new programs that we have on," said general manager Dennis Kita, who announced the end of the drive shortly after 2 p.m. while on the air with talk show host Marc Steiner.

The station had set a goal of 2,100 phone calls and $80,000 in pledges for the fall drive, the first fund-raiser since the controversial format change was put into place June 23.

Nan Rosenthal, WJHU development director, said final tabulations were still being made yesterday. But the station had received about 2,800 pledges totaling "about $120,000 and counting" when the drive concluded.

The drive had been scheduled to continue until 10 p.m. yesterday. The pledge total was about $15,000 greater than the $105,000 raised in a 12-day drive in October 1994, she said.

Ms. Rosenthal said initial unhappiness with the station's format change led about 2 percent of members to cancel renewals made in a summer fund drive.

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