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Couple died from overdose suicide note left


A couple found dead Thursday in their Randallstown townhouse committed suicide together, leaving a note indicating they "were upset with the direction their lives were taking," Baltimore County police said yesterday.

Lucy Catherine Mayne, 32, and Richard Brian Raymond, 35, apparently had been dead for two days in the second-floor master bedroom of their home in the first block of Ojibway Road. An autopsy showed they died from an overdose of an unidentified substance.

Police were alerted Thursday afternoon by a neighbor across the street, who said he had not seen the couple for two days. Their van had not been moved, and their dog had not been let outside, said Steven Z. Harmon, the couple's friend and neighbor.

Mr. Harmon told police he was concerned about Ms. Mayne after speaking to her around 9:30 p.m. Monday. She told him she appreciated him for being a good friend and for everything he had done for them, Mr. Harmon told police.

The last time he saw her was Tuesday, when Ms. Mayne returned home and passed him without speaking, he said. After hearing from Mr. Harmon, the police arranged for Ms. Mayne's father to let them in the house.

They found a note dated Oct. 24, signed by Ms. Mayne and Mr. Raymond, stating that they had decided to kill themselves, police said.

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