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Statement says suspect was paid to kill Friend's stepmother was slain last month


The Pennsylvania man charged with killing his friend's stepmother in Middle River last month has told police that he received $250 from his friend for the shooting.

John I. Reed IV said in a statement to police that he was wearing a mask and that Kimberly Sue Frampton Ramsey was begging not to be killed when she was confronted in her home.

"I turned around and she was coming at me," the statement says. He pulled the trigger seven times, and the statement reads, "I was scard out of my miened I ran out of the home."

Yesterday, two of the young people charged in the Sept. 7 slaying were arraigned in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Jamie Lynn Arthur, 14, of the 2000 block of Middleborough Road and Daniel Scheuerman, 18, of no fixed address are charged with murdering and burglarizing Mrs. Ramsey, 32, the stepmother of Roger Dale Ramsey Jr.

The Arthur youth and Mr. Scheuerman were dressed in street clothes and wearing ankle shackles at the arraignment.

"Their demeanor was appropriate of the courtroom and what the judge was advising them -- of the charges and their right to an attorney," said Baltimore County Assistant State's Attorney Mickey Norman. However, Mr. Ramsey, 18, was laughing during his arraignment earlier this month, the prosecutor said.

Several others have also been charged in the slaying.

Mr. Reed, 20, is the only alleged participant in the plot who has not been arraigned. He was indicted Monday and will be arraigned in the next few weeks, the prosecutor said.

Mr. Reed wrote in a police statement Sept. 13 that he was offered $250 by the Ramsey youth to kill the woman.

The statement says he declined initially, agreeing only to rob her. But one of the girls allegedly involved gave him a .38-caliber revolver containing three bullets.

According to the statement, the Ramsey youth caught up with Mr. Reed after the slaying and paid him $250 in cash. Mr. Reed was then asked to kill the Ramsey youth's father as well, so the youth could inherit his family's home and money, the statement says. But Mr. Reed declined the offer, the statement says.

County prosecutors said Mrs. Ramsey was "trying to do everything she could" to develop a friendly relationship with her stepson. But, they said, the youth held a grudge against her because she had admonished him over a car accident in which he was involved.

The trial will likely be held in February, Mr. Norman said.

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