Black crepe can be elegant in a wedding


My aunt, who is just five years older than I am, has agreed to be matron of honor at my wedding. It will be held in the evening, and I'm wearing a long, off-white dress.

My aunt, who is my closest friend, doesn't want a traditional gown. She says what she really needs in her wardrobe is a sexy black dress. The holidays are coming and she wants one for parties. What do you think?

If it makes you both happy, go ahead. Nicole Miller recently designed a new line of bridesmaid dresses that included several in black. "The boundaries have changed -- anything a women feels is exciting and comfortable is OK."

Ms. Miller tells me a black dress in matte crepe would be appropriate for the wedding because the fabric is elegant. "On the other hand, it doesn't scream 'bridesmaid dress' in the traditional sense. Worn long, it looks fabulous, and if your aunt gets tired of it she can cut off the bottom, and it will be a great dress for a wild New Year's party."

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