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County police officer injured while chasing drug suspect


A county police officer was injured Monday as he chased a man suspected of drug dealing through the woods near Freetown Village, police said.

Northern District Officer Eric Alan Burns was treated for back injuries at North Arundel Hospital and released.

Officers were patrolling Freetown Village shortly after 12:30 a.m. Monday when they saw a man loitering in a stairwell.

When the man saw police, he threw off his jacket and ran across Whitaker Road and into the woods, police reported.

Officer Burns ran through thick brush and a swamp to cut off the suspect's escape. He fell and could not get up, police said.

A canine unit was called to search for Officer Burns, who was found lying face down on the ground, complaining of severe back pain and numbness in both legs, police said.

The suspect was captured by another officer, who had been hiding behind a tree near Caldwell Road, waiting for the man to emerge. Police say the man had no identification, and he gave them a false name.

Officers searched the suspect's jacket and found a test tube containing what later tested positive for cocaine, police said. A witness told police the man's name, and the man admitted that was his name, officers said.

Police arrested Dwight Lee, 29, of the first block of Clara Circle in Glen Burnie and charged him with possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and giving a false statement to police.

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