Residents to ask trash firm for more water tests Marley Neck fears potential contamination from leaking landfill


Dissatisfied that state environmental officials did not require the owner of a leaking hazardous waste landfill to beef up ground water testing, Marley Neck residents will try to negotiate with the owner for more tests.

The group will meet tonight with its consultant, ABB Environmental Services Inc. of Arlington, Va., and officials of Browning-Ferris Industries Inc., owners of the landfill on Solley Road.

"I think they should listen to us because they want to be a good neighbor, because they want to alleviate community fears and because monitoring to the Nth degree is in their best interest," said Mary Rosso, head of the community group.

Susan Wienand, BFI project manager, said her company will "consider all their comments and considerations," but that it would not make a decision tonight.

The landfill on Solley Road was leaking when it closed in 1982. Environmental protections have failed, however, and contaminated water is polluting ground water to the west.

The Maryland Department of the Environment has issued BFI a permit to reseal eight acres of the landfill, but area residents -- many of whom rely on wells for drinking water -- fear that cancer-causing chemicals might be seeping into ground water that flows east of the landfill.

Community residents want more comprehensive monitoring east of the landfill and will suggest tonight that existing residential wells be used for testing, rather than requiring BFI to dig test wells.

MDE officials said yesterday that quarterly sampling over 12 years has not turned up contamination east of Solley Road. But because liquid wastes went into the landfill, some area residents think pollutants inevitably will seep out in that direction.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the Silver Sands Improvement Association building on Norfolk Road by the intersection of North Shore Drive.

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