Council moves to restrain offensive lyrics Panel would urge keeping them off the radio


Tipper Gore, if she had been at the Baltimore City Council meeting last night, would have been proud.

The council overwhelmingly backed a bill to put pressure on local radio stations to quash offensive lyrics that demean women and glorify violence. Mrs. Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, has led a tireless crusade against explicit song lyrics.

The bill, introduced by 2nd District Councilman Carl Stokes, calls for a task force to study ways to get radio stations to agree voluntarily not to play songs with suggestive lyrics.

Mr. Stokes said he was scanning the radio last week when he came upon a station playing a song that explicitly described a sex act, without the four-letter words.

"It's coming out of the radio every day," Mr. Stokes told the council. "I want to get the stations to voluntarily agree to pull trash lyrics off the air."

Mr. Stokes, father of two daughters, 10 and 14, said he was embarrassed to talk to his daughters, avid radio listeners, about the kind of songs being played.

Mr. Stokes said that he was inspired to introduce the bill because of last week's Million Man March. The march's speakers, anchored by Louis Farrakhan, called for the African-American community to strengthen its family values.

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