Angelos 11th on list of top-earning lawyers


For patrolling shortstop last year, Oriole Cal Ripken pulled down a cool $6 million.

Mr. Ripken's boss, Peter Angelos, earned that in eight months.

Mr. Angelos, owner of the Orioles and head of the Baltimore law firm that bears his name, had a memorable 1994. And a lucrative one, according to this month's Forbes magazine.

Mr. Angelos tied for 11th in the magazine's survey of 25 top-earning trial attorneys.

According to Forbes, the 1994 income of the renowned attorney was $9 million, much in fees collected from representing factory workers exposed to asbestos.

Mr. Angelos is the only Maryland lawyer on the magazine's list of top earners, which is dominated by tort litigators.

The top income was $90 million. That was pulled down by Houston attorney Joseph Jamail, acclaimed for winning a $10.5 billion verdict against Texaco.

After that, the dollars drop quickly. Second place went to John O'Quinn, another Houston lawyer, at $40 million.

Forbes compiled its information from about two dozen legal magazines and newspapers.

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