Woman wins supermarket race against time


JUST AFTER 8 p.m. closing time Oct. 16 at Brewers Market in Silver Run, a small crowd gathered in front of the store. Doug Brewer waited with a stopwatch in his hand. His parents, Doris and Guy Brewer, were there, too, rolling out shopping carts and readying a register.

The guest of honor, Barbara Raber of Hanover, Pa., had brought friends and family, including her daughter Deb Mathis to watch her in her three minutes of glory. Mrs. Raber was the winner of a three-minute shopping spree sponsored by Silver Run/ Union Mills Lions Club.

Mrs. Raber held out her shaking hands, palms up. "I'm nervous," she acknowledged, but her game plan was clear. "I'm going to head over that way to the meat aisle. My husband likes oysters so I thought I'd get a can of those, and some crab meat, and a turkey, and maybe some shrimp for New Year's Eve."

Ms. Mathis smiled at her mother. "Ever since she learned she won she's been shopping in her sleep," she joked.

"I have," Mrs. Raber said. "I woke up and I could see the store and all the stuff."

"Are you just about ready?" Doug Brewer asked.

"Yes," Mrs. Raber replied, "but you're in the road. I'm going that way."

As Doug Brewer called off the minutes, and then the seconds, Mrs. Raber moved purposefully through the store. Guy Brewer videotaped the spree, which was not a mad rush as one might expect, but rather the planned moves of one not accustomed to being in the spotlight.

As the last second ticked off, Mrs. Raber rolled her cart to the register where Mrs. Brewer waited to ring up the order, which would be paid for by the Lions Club.

"Oh my gosh," said Ms. Mathis as a box of Golden Crisp cereal was rung up. "She had to get her cereal," she said. "My mom has eaten the same cereal every morning since I was a kid."

In the end, Mrs. Raber had collected everything she'd planned in the time allotted. With two hams, two containers of oysters, two boxes of shrimp, one large turkey and a variety of other items, the order totaled $267.14.

Mrs. Raber said she had purchased only one raffle ticket for the shopping spree at the Union Mills Fall Festival the previous weekend.

According to John Hopkins of Silver Run/Union Mills Lions Club, the club sold about $980 in raffle tickets for the shopping spree. The proceeds of the raffle will benefit the community projects that this Lions club sponsors.

Reese craft show

Reese Fire Department's Ladies Auxiliary will hold its annual Fall Craft Show on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event includes 64 inside exhibitors and more vendors outside if weather permits. The craft shows, which are held every spring and fall, are known for the quality craftsmen who exhibit. No flea market items will be sold, but many floral arrangements, woodcrafts, needlework and other handcrafted items will be for sale.

"We will have a little bit of everything," said organizer Bev Markline. "There will be some Christmas things, Halloween decorations and just about every other kind of craft and homemade item you can imagine."

Free parking is available and no admission is charged for the show.

Food available for sale will include hot dogs, chili dogs, french fries, pies and other home-baked goods, homemade vegetable soup, sodas and other drinks.

"This is by far our biggest event," Ms. Markline said. "Thousands attend. There is a steady stream of customers in and out the doors all day long."

Proceeds from the fall craft show will benefit Reese Fire Department.

Information: 848-6038.

Halloween magic show

The 20th annual Halloween Costume Contest and Magic Show will be held Sunday at Westminster High School in the auditorium. Costumes will be judged and a magic show featuring "The Magic of Michael T" will take place.

All youth participants will have the opportunity to win one of five bicycles as a door prize.

Winners in the costume contest also may win a bike, a commemorative ribbon and/or a gift certificate to Cranberry Mall.

The event is sponsored by Gamber/Smallwood Optimist Club, Carroll County Department of Recreation and Youth Recreation Council.

Information: 857-2103.

Lois Syzmanski's Central Carroll neighborhood column appears each Monday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

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