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Wake up, Stallions fansI am very sick...


Wake up, Stallions fans

I am very sick and tired of The Sun printing ridiculous letters from Stallions fans that have no merit.

Take Doug and Lisa Forrest's Oct. 15 letter bashing The Sun's coverage of the ALCS and Terps football over the Stallions. Do these fans believe that the CFL is the equivalent of the NFL or NCAA?

First of all, common sense would tell anyone that in any state, regardless of a city having a football team or not, baseball championships command top billing. It's a rule of thumb and that's why baseball is called America's pastime.

Second of all, the NCAA will always be bigger than the NFL, and the CFL does not even rate. The Terps were a home for Baltimore fans long before Irsay left.

To be blunt, the CFL isn't even a minor-league system, and its best team could not compete with the nation's No. 1 college team because of the lack of s depth.

In closing, I would like to commend The Sun's sportswriters for the excellent job they do on a consistent basis, supplying its customers with the best stories available.

Michael Tuminello


Pitchers can be MVPs

Because pitchers are not everyday players, and because they already have their own award in the Cy Young, there are those who would exclude pitchers from MVP eligibility.

This is not the year to degrade pitchers, and here's why: Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson finished the regular season with records of 19-2 and 18-2, respectively. Among pitchers with at least 20 decisions in a single season, no one in baseball's long history has recorded a winning percentage as high as Maddux and Johnson in 1995. Not surprisingly, both of their teams reached the "final four."

The MVP is team-oriented, while the Cy Young is based more on individual performance. Thus, to ban pitchers from MVP competition is to say they are not really "team players." My response to such groundless disrespect is simple: If the pitcher doesn't throw the ball, there is no game.

Alan D. Mason


Kudos for Rosenthal

I truly enjoyed reading Ken Rosenthal's column on the annoying boss -- George Steinbrenner.

The only change I would make to the column is the last sentence. . . . Steinbrenner is nuts!

Jerry H. Gregory

Annandale, Va.

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