One who knows, Benes offers pitching hints for Series foes Mariners right-hander faced both this season


ATLANTA -- Andy Benes will watch the World Series with a firsthand knowledge of what it's like to get pounded by Fred McGriff, and how it feels to challenge Albert Belle.

Benes pitched for six seasons in the National League with the San Diego Padres, and he was dealt to the Seattle Mariners and went 7-2 the last two months. Benes started Game 4 of the AL Championship Series against Cleveland, getting knocked out in

the third inning.

Although Benes acknowledged, with a laugh, that he didn't always pitch the way he intended, he ran down the lineup of each team and suggested how each player should be pitched, starting with the Indians:

* Cleveland center fielder Kenny Lofton -- "You've got to throw him fastballs inside. You put anything out over the plate, he'll slash and run. A good off-speed hitter."

* Shortstop Omar Vizquel -- "If Lofton's on, he's tough -- very selective. You can't afford to walk him. He's a good low-ball hitter."

* Second baseman Carlos Baerga -- "We [the Mariners] tried to jam him inside and up, but he's going to hit the ball. He's going to put the ball in play. You just try to minimize the damage."

* Left fielder Albert Belle -- "Our scouts said he hit like 40 of his homers on first-pitch fastballs this year. You throw him breaking balls early in the count, and try to jam him with fastballs. Don't make a mistake."

* Eddie Murray, first base and DH -- "You don't want to face him with anybody on base. You've got to work around the edges of the strike zone."

* Third baseman Jim Thome -- "A good fastball hitter. I'm not sure you can beat him with changeups, because he stays back pretty well. The Braves will probably throw him a lot of breaking balls."

* First baseman Paul Sorrento -- "He likes the ball down. Keep it up in the strike zone."

* Right fielder Manny Ramirez -- "From what I've seen, he chases a lot of breaking balls. He's going to have a tough time with the Atlanta pitchers."

* Catcher Sandy Alomar -- "He's a lot like Ramirez, although he'll drive a fastball the other way. We threw him a lot of breaking balls."

* Atlanta center fielder Marquis Grissom -- "Throw him a lot of breaking balls. They'll throw him a lot of sliders. If you throw him a fastball, keep it up in the strike zone."

* Second baseman Mark Lemke -- "Throw lots of changeups and breaking balls away from him. The Indians' pitchers throw good enough fastballs to pitch him inside. You can't let him dictate the situation when Grissom's on base."

* Third baseman Chipper Jones -- "He's very disciplined for a young guy. Cleveland will try to get him with changeups."

* First baseman Fred McGriff -- "You've got to throw fastballs inside and up, but if you miss down, that's where he likes it."

* Right fielder David Justice -- "He's more a free-swinger than McGriff. Throw him hard inside, soft stuff away."

* Left fielder Ryan Klesko -- "He's a pretty good off-speed hitter. You throw him a breaking ball in the strike zone and he's got a good chance to hit it. Throw him fastballs away."

* Catcher Javy Lopez -- "He's a pretty good high-ball hitter. He'll swing at bad pitches, so Cleveland will throw him a lot of breaking pitches."

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