Million Man March was a brilliant ideaAs...


Million Man March was a brilliant idea

As a Jew and a thinking reader, I was outraged by Daniel Berger's one-liner, Oct. 16, pegging all who support the Million Man March as followers of Louis Farrakhan.

By casting the issue in the stark fashion he did, Mr. Berger did more to hand Mr. Farrakhan his victory than anyone attending the march could.

Like any Jews and people of all races, I abhor the hatred and blame and racism which characterize Mr. Farrakhan's approach.

I could never support his vicious prejudices about my people nor accept the claims he makes about separatism and hostility as the way toward freedom.

However, the Million Man March was a brilliant idea and the response was exhilarating.

As my African-American husband and bi-racial stepson joined the crowd, I was filled with pride.

White America fears the true empowerment which their demonstration represents.

But White America should be rejoicing that black men are prepared to take on the challenge of healing souls and healing communities.

We can all regret that Mr. Farrakhan made it difficult for so many to participate. We can condemn his rhetoric, which made the march into a referendum on his brand of hatred. But we must rejoice at the process which the march begins.

True reconciliation between races will only come with an understanding of one another's pain; sharing pain can only begin when each has learned to face and own his or her own.

There is so much overwhelming pain among African American men. How joyous a beginning for all of us that they are taking their healing seriously.

We can all learn a lesson of true self-responsibility from their example. Their march is a gift to themselves and to all of us. Neither Mr. Farrakhan nor Daniel Berger can take it away.

essica Strauss


Crash course in fanfares

The person who decided that the appropriate background music for the pope's entrance into Camden Yards was to be a rendition from "Boyz II Men" should be sent to the Peabody Institute for a crash course in fanfares.

It was the only awkward moment in what otherwise was a superb event for Baltimore and Maryland.

I'm certain this slight faux pas can easily be forgiven by the pope since he was fresh from a visit to New York's Central Park where, as Jay Leno quipped, he could witness every sin known to man in five minutes.

Gene Hessey


Spelling it like it is

I agree with Senatour Doel that Inglish showed be are efficeal lanquage.

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Next thing you know they'll take aweigh are write to void.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr.


Israel shrinking before our eyes

Tears of sorrow and disgust stain my cheeks as I watch Israel shrinking, foot by foot, mile by mile. What are the so-called leaders doing? Are they once again being deluded or manipulated by false promises of peace?

As one who loves her country, I would never relinquish a centimeter of Maine, Maryland or any other parcel of land belonging to the United States.

Christians, Muslims, Jews and all just people for whom the Holy Land is sacred for various historical and religious reasons also have reason to weep. For now, Israeli's future appears grim.

everly K. Fine


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