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Former caretaker convicted of abducting, robbing man, 73 Invalid wife of victim abandoned at movies


A Baltimore County jury took just half an hour yesterday to convict a former caretaker who abandoned his invalid patient at VTC the movies in April and abducted her elderly husband from their Rockdale home.

David J. Davy -- convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery -- forced Abel Abraham Caplan to travel to Mr. Caplan's account broker in Owings Mills, posing as a grandson seeking a $14,000 college loan, according to testimony.

Told they had to wait a day for the money, Davy forced the 73-year-old Mr. Caplan to drive to a grocery store for $42 in snacks and $50 cash, before shopping with a credit card at Macy's for clothing, jewelry and electronics.

Davy had been the live-in caretaker for 65-year-old Helene Caplan for about a week, when he called Mr. Caplan to the home in the 3400 block of Meadowdale Drive for an unspecified problem, Mr. Caplan testified yesterday.

Mr. Caplan said Davy asked, "Do you love your wife? Do you love your grandchildren?" He then referred to Mr. Caplan's accounts.

Davy showed him a knife, Mr. Caplan said, and made repeated threats against his wife and family.

Assistant Public Defender Donald E. Zaremba questioned why Mr. Caplan didn't call for help during his travels with Davy and told the jury there were no other witnesses to the incidents.

Mr. Caplan, a frail but forceful witness, said he did try: by winking at a clerk in the grocery store, and by warning a Macy's clerk about his credit card limit.

The loose end in Davy's plan was Mrs. Caplan -- left in her wheelchair and hospital gown at the Liberty Cinema through two showings of "Richie Rich," Assistant State's Attorney Mickey Norman told the jury.

Baltimore County police located Mr. Caplan's car at an Econo Lodge on Reisterstown Road. They found Mr. Caplan bound in mailing tape in a room where Davy apparently planned to spend the night before returning to the broker's office.

Back at the Caplans' home, pinned to the wall of his room, was a snapshot of Davy grinning -- with "SUCKERS" written below, Mr. Norman reminded the jurors.

Davy, 29, is to be sentenced Nov. 8 by Circuit Judge Christian M. Kahl for the kidnapping and armed robbery of Mr. Caplan. The convictions carry maximum sentences of 30 and 20 years in prison.

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