Baltimore Sun’s BEST party in 2 weeks

Quantum Physiques Men of the year: While not exactly medical marvels, these pin-up boys of science certainly dress up a chemistry lab. Besides, smart is sexy.


Despite her Ph.D. in biochemistry, Karen Hopkin began with a seemingly questionable hypothesis: that the world of science is full of studs. That underneath some of those shapeless lab coats are hunks just yearning to breathe free. That there are electrical engineers who could achy-breaky your circuits, physicists who could smash not just particles but stereotypes.

Senior vice president, R&D;, at MedImmune Inc. in Gaithersburg

Schedule: 5 a.m. game of squash or racquetball, a long run before bedtime

Early science leanings: Caught frogs, turtles, butterflies, beetles

Lunch favorite: Sushi several times a week

Flying high when: His biotech company makes a breakthrough, and on weekends when he pilots a Cessna to his summer place on the Jersey shore

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