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Tigers expected to offer Smith GM job Action could accelerate Orioles' action on post


CLEVELAND -- The Detroit Tigers are expected to offer Randy Smith a job as general manager tomorrow or Wednesday, which could accelerate the Orioles' decision on whether -- or when -- to reassign or fire GM Roland Hemond.

Smith interviewed with the Orioles on Tuesday, and appears to be the club's top choice in the event that Hemond is not retained as GM. But Smith, 32, could have two offers in hand by tomorrow night. The Montreal Gazette reported that the Expos were expected to forward an offer to Smith by the end of the weekend, to fill the job vacated by Kevin Malone two weeks ago.

An Expos source indicated that the team will want an answer quickly. The Orioles and Smith have an understanding that he will contact the team if presented with an offer from another club, providing an opportunity for the Orioles to make an offer. The Tigers intend to make an announcement on their GM position after the AL playoffs end and before the World Series begins, a club source said.

If the Orioles want Smith, the respective timetables of the Expos and Tigers could prompt the Orioles to make an offer sometime in the next 48 hours.

The Tigers, like the Orioles, have a general manager in place, Joe Klein.

Tigers president John McHale has a strong relationship with Smith and, in fact, hired him as assistant general manager for the Colorado Rockies in 1991.

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