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Ellyn Brown quits law firm she founded She says her practice different from partners


As of Oct. 1, there was one fewer name partner at the law firm of Dukes, Evans, Rozner, Brown and Stierhoff.

pTC Ellyn L. Brown, who helped launch the powerhouse lobbying firm just a year ago, has left. She said her departure was "amiable," but that, "I was finding myself doing lots of work that falls outside traditional areas of my interest."

Gerald E. Evans, Ms. Brown's former partner, called her "a brilliant legal scholar" and said the firm would miss her.

A former Maryland Securities Commissioner from 1987-92, Ms. Brown is known for her work in financial planning and securities law. After resigning as commissioner, she taught at the University of Maryland School of Law. She is writing a book about financial planning.

Ms. Brown said her law practice was different from her partners because they spend considerable time lobbying Maryland legislators.

The Dukes, Evans firm is among the most successful in the state, vying for the top spot with another led by Mr. Evans' former law partner, Alan Rifkin.

Only 20 percent of her lobbying efforts were in Annapolis, according to Ms. Brown. She said her clients have interests in many states.

Ms. Brown said her plans are to complete her book and continue to represent her financial-services clients.

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