Orioles to ask to meet with Reds' Johnson


CLEVELAND -- With the Cincinnati Reds eliminated from the National League playoffs, the Orioles are expected to seek permission to interview Davey Johnson as a possible candidate to replace manager Phil Regan.

There's no apparent reason to think the Orioles will be refused Johnson and owner Marge Schott have said publicly they don't expect the manager to return to the Reds in 1996. Schott has an open dislike for Johnson, taking issue with the fact that he lived with a woman before the two married.

Johnson has joked about his disagreements with the owner, saying once she would sooner invite a zoo elephant to her house than he. On Tuesday, he said he'd like to work for the Orioles next year, calling it a "dream job."

Johnson, who interviewed with the Orioles last year, would become the second manager the Orioles have contacted about possibly replacing Regan, the other being Tony La Russa. The Orioles likely will give Regan some sort of indication about his future with the club sometime this week.

Meanwhile, the Orioles were contacted by a representative foDwight Gooden and were asked if they had interest in the pitcher, suspended from baseball because of substance abuse. They declined.

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