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A roundup of new products and servicesRoad...


A roundup of new products and services

Road relief

Anyone who has listened to their little ones whine "Are we there yet?" on road trips will love Little Kids' Soft 'n Safe Lap Desk. The nylon portable play station, designed to fit on a toddler's lap, is perfect for coloring, building or other laptop activities. Your child can load toys and other materials in the built-in pockets and wear Lap Desk like a backpack when she's not using it. The desk retails for $24.99. For information about where it is being sold in this area, call (800) 545-5437. No more worrying about soggy ground or prowling animals when camping out, thanks to the innovative Car Top Tent. The tent, which attaches to a car or van roof rack, opens like a child's "pop-up" book and makes a queen-sized sleeping platform with a 2-inch foam mattress. An aluminum ladder becomes a sturdy support for one side of the platform. The Car Top Tent, which weighs only 69 pounds, can sleep two adults or four children. The cost of the tent is $799 plus shipping. To order, call (800) 227-8671.

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