Robert H. Finch, a California Republican who...


Robert H. Finch, a California Republican who managed Richard M. Nixon's 1960 presidential campaign and later served as his secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, died after a heart attack Tuesday in Pasadena, Calif. He was 70.

After managing Mr. Nixon's unsuccessful 1960 presidential campaign, Mr. Finch was elected lieutenant governor of California in 1967, but left midway into his four-year term to become HEW secretary in Mr. Nixon's first Cabinet.

Mr. Finch later became presidential counselor. He was never implicated in the Watergate scandal, but his close association with Mr. Nixon effectively ended his political career.

He ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination to the Senate in 1976, then slowly withdrew from GOP politics, devoting most of his energies to his law practice in Pasadena.

Gerard de Vaucouleurs, 77, an astronomer whose controversial theories about the clustering of galaxies helped shape the way science now views the structure of the universe, died Saturday at his home in Austin, Texas. His wife said he suffered a heart attack.

Charles Goode Gomillion, 95, a former college dean and president of the Tuskegee Civic Association who filed a landmark civil rights lawsuit that led to a U.S. Supreme Court ban on gerrymandering as a means to disqualify black voters, died Oct. 4 in Tuskegee, Ala

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