Zoning commissioner rejects day care center in Idlewylde


A Baltimore County zoning commissioner has rejected a proposal for a day care center in an Idlewylde house, bringing relief to more than 250 area residents who opposed the project.

The owner, Thomas E. Sausser, was seeking a special zoning exception to operate a facility for up to 40 children in the one-story, ranch-style house on a one-third acre lot in the 6400 block of Sherwood Road. The minimum property requirement for such centers is 1 acre.

Maria Carpenter, who has been in the neighborhood for 35 years and lives near Mr. Sausser's house, praised the decision. "First of all, it was totally inappropriate as far as size is concerned," she said. "It's not right for the children. They would have been like hamsters in a cage."

The plan also called for five parking spaces and one handicapped parking spot, leading to concerns about traffic when parents dropped children at the center. "Imagine 40 parents with five parking spaces," Mrs. Carpenter said.

Neighbors also worried about noise and security at the proposed day care center, which would have been unattended nights and weekends. Mr. Sausser, who lives in the house, would have moved out if the plan had been approved.

Neighbors organized last summer to oppose the center, hiring an attorney and gathering hundreds of signatures on a petition.

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