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No more chances, judge says Man who has received probation often gets 4-year drug sentence


All Brian Lamont Magruder wanted was another chance.

But Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr., who sentenced the 25-year-old man to four years in prison yesterday, told him he had already had too many chances.

In July, Magruder was convicted of possession to distribute marijuana.

"I talked like an uncle to you, told you that you had potential, and so did some other judges in Circuit Court," Judge Beck said, noting that Magruder had been convicted on several theft charges, other drug charges and numerous cases of driving on a suspended license.

Magruder received probation in many of those cases, most of which were completed unsatisfactorily, Judge Beck said.

"But you just blew all of us off," Judge Beck said as Magruder's family and his girlfriend, Jennifer Flagg, sat in the courtroom sobbing. "You continued to do what Brian Magruder wanted to do. I knew you were headed for trouble, but you would not listen."

In the case heard in July, Magruder was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, // possession of paraphernalia, fleeing and eluding police on foot and driving on a revoked license.

Police had said Magruder nearly rammed a Westminster police officer with Ms. Flagg's 1989 Honda at a 7-Eleven store Nov. 15. He then pulled into a car dealership near the convenience store, left the car and ran down an embankment into the darkness. Police found 23 grams of marijuana and rolling papers in the Honda.

Judge Beck sentenced Magruder to three years on the marijuana charges. He gave him a year on the charge of driving on a revoked license. That term is to run consecutively to his drug sentence.

Magruder also received a year on the fleeing and eluding charge that will run concurrently with his other sentences.

"You don't do well on probation," Judge Beck said, explaining why he would not suspend any of Magruder's sentence. "It's not worth it to waste the probation agent's time."

In February 1993, Magruder, also known as Ryan Lamont Magruder, was sentenced to two years in prison for driving with NTC a suspended license. It was the third time that year had had been convicted of a license violation.

In June 1993, he pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $80,000 from Baugher Enterprises in Westminster and received a three-year term.

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