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Teen gets 3-year term for stealing anesthetic He pleaded guilty to robbing Carrolltown Veterinary Hospital


A 19-year-old Stevensville man was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to theft and reckless endangerment in Carroll County Circuit Court.

Jeffrey James Taylor was one of three teen-agers charged in April with bursting into the Carrolltown Veterinary Hospital and forcing an employee to place 15 bottles of Ketamine in a bag. Court records said the youths used a toy Uzi gun to frighten employees.

Ketamine, a sleep-inducing drug commonly used as an anesthetic, can be converted from liquid to a powder form and snorted or smoked.

In exchange for Taylor's pleading guilty to the theft and reckless endangerment charges, prosecutors dropped charges of assault, assault with intent to rob, robbery with a deadly weapon and robbery.

Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr., who strongly recommended that Taylor be admitted to the Toulson Boot Camp program -- sentenced the teen-ager to five years in prison with all but three suspended on the theft charges.

Taylor also was sentenced to 18 months on the reckless endangerment charge. The sentences are to run concurrently, the judge said.

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