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Five boat lifts sought for Nabbs Creek pier Homeowners ask Army Corp of Engineers for permission to act


Boat owners in Chestnut Hill Cove may be able to keep their craft a bit cleaner if their civic association gets approval for five boat lifts at a pier in Nabbs Creek.

The Chestnut Hill Cove Homeowners Association has asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for permission to install the harnesses needed to remove the boats from the Pasadena waterway and its hull-eating microorganisms.

Gregory P. Cincinnati, vice president of the association, said Nabbs Creek is brimming with aquatic life that can cause boat owners all sorts of cleaning nightmares.

"If you leave your boat in there for two days in the month of June, you're going to have to scrub it down with acid to get the barnacles off," he said.

The 125-foot-long, T-shaped pier was built four years ago, Mr. Cincinnati said.

At the time, the pier was underused. But younger families with boats have moved into the community, and the pier now holds its maximum of 20 boats, he said.

In April, members of the association approached the corps because the pier was not sturdy enough for boat lifts.

"At low tide, you can walk out onto the pier and wiggle it," Mr. Cincinnati said. "We don't want someone lifting a 10,000-pound boat and ripping the pier out."

The group also has proposed installing 15 additional mooring piles.

Four 3-foot-by-12-foot finger piers could be attached to the pier, said Beth Bachur, a biologist with the corps.

The entire structure would extend about 177 feet from the shoreline, she said.

The corps could have a decision by the middle of next month, Ms. Bachur said.

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