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Object shatters windshield, injuring driver


Someone threw an object at the windshield of a car Monday night on Edwin Raynor Boulevard, sending a shard of glass into the driver's right eye, county police said yesterday.

Police said Joseph Michael Morgan, 17, of the 7900 block of Royal Mint Place in Pasadena was driving a 1992 Ford Explorer just before 7:30 p.m. Monday when something hit the windshield and broke it. Roseanna Morgan, the youth's mother, was riding in the car and told police that she saw a van pass the car as the windshield broke.

Mrs. Morgan told police her son turned around to follow the van, but as he was driving, he began to complain about pain in his eye. Joseph later discovered the glass in his eye.

He was taken by ambulance to North Arundel Hospital, treated and released.

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