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2 developers submit proposals for Glen Burnie Town Center Housing, commercial uses are envisioned for 5.6-acre county property


Two developers have submitted proposals for the Glen Burnie Town Center project, which means the gravel parking lot at the heart of the town's renewal district, vacant for 15 years, finally may be turned into a residential and commercial development.

Della Ratta Inc. of Silver Spring and a group called Six C/D Associates, in cooperation with Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse Inc. of Baltimore, presented proposals for the project, said Patricia A. Barland, the county's commercial revitalization manager.

She would not discuss the details. She said a review committee would start going over the documents in the next few days, but she could not say how long that would take.

The land is the last piece of undeveloped, county-owned property in the Glen Burnie urban renewal district. Once known as Superblock, it is next to Arundel Center North and is bordered by Ritchie Highway to the east, Crain Highway to the west and New Jersey Avenue to the north.

The Town Center is to combine residential development with offices, specialty retail shops and an outdoor performing arts area or ice rink.

An attempt last year to develop the 5.6-acre parcel fell through after the developer, George Stone, said he needed subsidies to make the project financially feasible. Mr. Stone of Pasadena had proposed a $10 million to $15 million project.

County officials have pulled together $2 million in state and county money for the project.

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