Foundation narrows search for home


International Youth Foundation Inc., the philanthropic group that may move its headquarters to Maryland, has scratched Annapolis and London from its list of potential homes.

Baltimore, Atlanta and Battle Creek, Mich., are still in contention. The foundation's board had expected to choose a site over the weekend but was delayed by last-minute expressions of interest from the state of Michigan, said Doug Franklin, director of social marketing for the foundation. A decision isn't expected now until December.

IYF, based in Battle Creek, was started in 1990 with a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, based in the same town.

"There was a meeting with the governor" of Michigan, Mr. Franklin said. "That process is going to take a bit longer. And since we have been here and were founded by Kellogg, it would be very impolitic for the organization to say, 'Sorry, you missed our deadline.' "

But the board did eliminate London and Annapolis. The tax laws in Britain weren't right, Mr. Franklin explained. And Annapolis was deemed a little out of the way.

"There weren't that many other international organizations placed in Annapolis," Mr. Franklin said. Plus, he said, "There was some question about traffic generated by the summertime tourist industry."

IYF has 25 workers and had an operating budget of less than $2 million last year.

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