From The Sun Oct. 8-14, 1845* Oct....


From The Sun Oct. 8-14, 1845

* Oct. 10: We are occasionally requested by persons who take The Sun in the various boarding houses in the city to hint to others who are also boarders, that the first reading of a newspaper belongs of right to him who takes and pays for it.

* Oct. 14: We place in our columns to-day, the nineteenth annual report of the president and directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.

From The Sun Oct. 8-14, 1895

* Oct. 9: The county commissioners have directed the Mount Washington Electric Light and Power Co. to put ten electric lamps on Bellona Avenue, four on Ashland Avenue and two on Cold Spring Lane.

* Oct. 14: The results of the baseball season just closed show that the Baltimore club has done better work than any other club in the League, and that, therefore, the Orioles are justly entitled to the honors they have gained again as champions of the United States.

From The Sun Oct. 8-14, 1945

* Oct. 9: President Truman declared tonight that the real secret of the atomic bomb -- the engineering know-how -- would not be turned over to our allies or any other nation.

* Oct. 10: Mr. and Mrs James W. Rouse and their young daughter will return to their former apartment at 607 Somerset Road this week after having spent the past year in Pensacola, Fla., where Mr. Rouse was stationed with the naval reserve.

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