There's more to giving than United Way

I WOULD LIKE to respond to your editorial, "The United Way Is the Only Way" (Sept. 24). Although we agree that United Way helps many important organizations, there is another way.

A growing trend among corporations is to diversify their workplace giving campaigns.


For instance, the United Way does not include environmental organizations.

Local workplace-giving federations such as Environmental Fund for Maryland focus on gaining access and campaigning in area corporations and organizations to build support for their member agencies which work on social, economic, racial and environmental issues.


By including such funds in a campaign, a keen interest of Marylanders is met.

When the workplace is open to a more diverse group, giving actually increases.

A study by Yale University showed an increase in overall giving, including United Way, along with improved employee morale, enhanced community relations and strengthened corporate charitable programs.

Broadening choices in workplace-giving campaigns not only strengthens the campaign, but it also is sure to please employees by offering them more say in how they give away their hard-earned dollars.

The writer is executive director of the Environmental Fund for Maryland.

James H. Eackor