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Samuel G. Blackman , 90, who broke...


Samuel G. Blackman , 90, who broke the news that Charles Lindbergh's baby had been kidnapped and went on to hold the top editorial job at the Associated Press, died in Washington on Thursday of heart failure.

Mr. Blackman covered the Morro Castle steamship fire, the crashes of the dirigibles Akron and Hindenburg and the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby, one of the most sensational stories of its time.

Acting on a tip, he hurried from his AP office in Trenton, N.J., to the Lindbergh estate, where he found four men searching with flashlights. He dictated his story from a farmhouse, and it appeared in morning newspapers hours before the kidnapping was announced. He covered the case from that night in 1932 through the execution of Bruno Hauptmann four years later.

Fred Fehl, 89, a photographer noted for capturing nearly 1,000 Broadway and off-Broadway dancers and stage actors, died Wednesday in New York City of Alzheimer's disease. To accomplish what he called "performance photography," he used series of rapid-fire cameras. When he came to New York from his native Vienna in 1939, his rivals still were posing performers, making them look stiff and unnatural.

Francis Schmitt, 91, a molecular biologist who was one of the first to use X-rays and electron microscopes to study the innermost workings of cells and who helped lay the foundation of molecular biology, died of a heart attack Tuesday in Weston, Mass. He was a leader of the scientific effort in the 1940s and 1950s to determine how cells functioned at the molecular level.

Susan Braun, 79, founder and director of Dance Films Association, died of an undisclosed cause Tuesday night at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. As a child, she took lessons with Anita Zahn in Isadora Duncan's technique, and that led to Ms. Braun's lifelong involvement in dance. It was her concern over the sparsity of filmed records of Duncan's work that led to the founding of the association.

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