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75 years ago -- Is anybody willing...


75 years ago -- Is anybody willing to buy a young man, healthy, intelligent and of good character, who would be willing to obey every command of his purchaser, even to sacrifice his life if necessary? Jack Hardy, a former sailor, now living at 28 West 37th Street, New York, offers himself for sale for $5,000. In making his offer he stipulates that $3,000 cash must be paid when the bargain is made and the remainder in installment. "I suppose many people, seeing my offer, will think me crazy," Hardy said. "The $3,000 I want to turn over, as soon as I get it, to a lady who has been more than a mother to me. Though not legally obligated to her, I feel I owe a great debt to her. For myself, I do not want anything except a bare living and perhaps cigarette money in my pockets, though, of course, I will stop smoking -- my only vice -- should my new owner so decide." -- Union Bridge Pilot, Sept. 17, 1920.

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