THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

TSU pledges to crack down on rowdiness by off-campus fraternities, sororities


Responding to neighbors' complaints about noise and rowdiness, Towson State University officials have promised to take a hard line toward off-campus fraternities and sororities -- possibly even seeking to have their national charters revoked.

Charles Maloy, acting vice president of student life, says the university will take legal action against disruptive Greek groups. "The university remains committed to a Greek system, but only a strong Greek system," said Dr. Maloy, who will meet Oct. 18 with the school's 31 fraternities and sororities to discuss the problems.

His comments came after frustrated residents said the problems were getting worse.

"There is havoc in the neighborhood," Judith Giacomo, vice president of the Aigburth Manor community association, said, describing noisy parties, students urinating outdoors and a trail of trash in her neighborhood.

Dr. Maloy asked residents to report problems to police. With documentation, he said, he could refer problems to the university's judicial affairs office, which would decide whether to bring charges against the offending group.

Mrs. Giacomo was encouraged by the college's initiative. "We want them to take responsibility for their students," she said.

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