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Stolen credit card used in 5 stores two are arrested


County police arrested a Bowie man and a 17-year-old Bowie girl Tuesday on theft charges after a stolen credit card was used to buy $747 worth of clothing from five stores at Marley Station.

Police said a Macy's security guard called shortly after 4:30 p.m. when he saw two people picking up clothes without looking at size or price. He warned the sales clerk to ask for a second identification if one tried to use a credit card.

When the girl attempted to pay with a card, the clerk asked for identification. The girl had none, and the clerk refused to sell her the clothing. Meanwhile, the man, carrying bags from Hecht's, Macy's, Foot Locker, Victoria's Secret and Eddie Bauer, went to a car and waited there.

Police arrived and asked the man for identification. He he said he didn't have any. When the girl saw the officer, she threw the credit card on the ground, police said. The security guard picked up the card and gave it to police.

The girl told police that the man asked her to go to the mall because the card had a woman's name on it. She said he let her buy items at Victoria's Secret as compensation.

Stephan Thomas Norris, 19, of the 14900 block of Nashua Lane in Bowie was charged with felony theft. The girl, of Hudee Court in Bowie, was charged as a juvenile.

Police said the owner of the credit card did not know it was missing until they told her.

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