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Winfield places fire Engine 142 back in service


Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department placed Engine 142 in service Saturday after three months of refurbishing work.

The 1986 Pirsch engine was sent to the Eastern Shore to be completely refurbished at a cost of $58,000, said Fire Chief Tim Warner.

"It was completely repainted," he said. "We put new storage compartments on the back for equipment. It has 1,200 feet of new 4-inch hose."

A hose line for small fires was installed with 100 feet of 1 1/2 -inch hose. The water pump was repaired and recertified and the chassis resprung.

Quartz lights that had been on top of the engine were placed on rotating poles behind the cab for easier access. Blinking intersection lights were added in the center of the engine.

Firefighters on the engine have new air masks.

"We're hoping to get another 10 years out of the engine," Chief Warner said.

The Fire Department soon will send its annual fund-raising letter asking for contributions from the community. Money received will go toward paying Engine 142's cost and buying a new air unit.

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