Calvert Hall puts wraps on Celenza, Curley, 0-0 But No. 2 team's mark at home reaches 36-0-2


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Calvert Hall's Tom Tamberrino played perhaps his best game of the season yesterday in holding Curley's All-Metro striker, Giuliano Celenza, scoreless.

But after Tamberrino and the No. 7 Cardinals (6-3-1, 2-3-1) battled the area's No. 2 team to a scoreless tie over 100 minutes of play, Tamberrino stood in a drizzling rain on Curley's field and expressed the first sentiment that came to mind.

"It's frustrating, and I can't be happy with this tie," said Tamberrino, who managed to hold Celenza scoreless for the first time this season.

The draw ended Calvert Hall's worst losing streak at three games, but allowed its Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association A Conference rivals (6-0-1, 5-0-1) to extend their four-year undefeated streak at home to 36-0-2.

"I did my job, and I got a lot of help from other guys who buckled down and helped me out," Tamberrino said.

"But a wise man once told me that you can't win a game unless you score, and we can't seem to find the one guy who can do that."

The Cardinals, with a shots-on-goal advantage of 22-19, had some quality chances behind the efforts of Nick Chavis, Mike Jenkins, Ryan Smith, Andrew Lesner and Ryan Tolson.

But Curley keeper Brad Bush (18 saves) -- with plenty of help from hustling stopper Jamie Becker -- was a big problem for them, especially in the second half.

"Calvert Hall is tough, no matter what their record is," said Becker, "but we all knew we had to step it up to the next level against them, and we all did that today."

Especially Bush, a 6-foot-3, 180-pounder.

There was Smith's 18-yard, one-on-one opportunity that a sliding Bush booted out of play. Moments later, the goalie broke up a run by Lesner, charging forward.

And another time, with Smith about to wind up to hit a bouncing ball that was about two yards from the far post, Bush dove to his right and was able to bat the ball out of play.

"I knew this was going to be the kind of game where I'd have to make some big saves," said Bush. "We wanted to win today, but we're still undefeated. We can live with a tie."

The shutout was the third for Calvert Hall keeper Bruce Engle, whose 16 saves included five of Celenza's six shots. He also got support from the likes of Tolson, who booted a shot by Dave Malley out of the goal mouth early in the second half.

Perhaps Engle's most critical save came against Celenza with a few minutes gone in the second overtime.

Celenza had turned the corner on a through ball in getting around Tamberrino when Engle, who was a midfielder last year, made a sliding save of his low, severe-angle shot from about 15 yards.

"This was probably the game where I made the most quality saves," said Engle. "We probably played better today than we have in our past three games, and I think we played well enough to win."

The result marked the third straight game in which Celenza has been held scoreless by the Cardinals.

"They did a good job on me. He [Tamberrino] just stayed with me the whole way," Celenza said.

"But it's pretty important that we stayed undefeated on our field. It'll just make me come out tougher the next time."

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