Congratulations, CalThe following is an open letter...


Congratulations, Cal

The following is an open letter to Cal Ripken:

Now that the Orioles' season is nearly over, I would like to add my name to the long list of people to offer you congratulations on your incredible achievement of breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive-games record.

I must confess that I am really not much of a baseball fan, even less so after the strike. However, I admit that even I became caught up in the excitement of Streak Week.

When egotistical, greedy and obnoxious athletes like Deion Sanders and Dennis Rodman are the norm, your class and modesty are truly refreshing. Frankly, Cal, it's impossible not to like you and root for you.

Congratulations once again, Cal. You have proved that nice guys don't always finish last. They just play in a lot more games.

Shelley A. Greenberg

Silver Spring

Where is the fairness?

I have noticed a lack of outcry about the unfairness of those who oversee sports' rules and regulations.

I am referring to the recent reinstatement of Darryl Strawberry to baseball with the New York Yankees after he had been suspended for a positive drug test, all for the sake of one greedy owner by the name of George Steinbrenner.

How quickly the baseball commissioner blackballed Pete Rose a few years ago for placing bets while in the uniform of the Cincinnati Reds, denying him his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Here we have a man who pleaded guilty to income tax evasion and was under house arrest, and yet he was allowed to play major-league baseball. Please explain the rationale in that decision.

While I am at it, what rationale does the NFL commissioner have for allowing the Raiders to move back to Oakland and the Rams to move to St. Louis, yet not allowing Baltimore to field an NFL football franchise? If that isn't dirty political sports, than I wonder what one would call such decisions?

John F. Thomas


Wake up, Ken Rosenthal

Ken Rosenthal's Sept. 19 column was very disturbing. While trying to make a point why Baltimore would be such a better selection than Charlotte for an NFL team, Rosenthal wrote: "Thirty thousand a game for the cockamamie CFL. Enough said."

I hope you realize that those 30,000 cockamamie CFL fans do read the sports page of the -- unfortunately -- only paper in town. Rosenthal ought to wake up. The NFL is not coming. How soon we forget the treatment we received from the NFL, the comments of Paul Tagliabue and lunatic owner Bob Irsay, who destroyed the proud name of the Colts. We now have a respectable team and a responsive owner. I guess Rosenthal would enjoy palling around with the likes of Bill Bidwill and Malcolm Glazer.

No so long ago, Baltimore put the NFL on the map. Baltimore and its fans have planted the CFL seed in this country despite Rosenthal's non-productive, cruel and unwarranted comments.

Rosenthal's bitterness toward the NFL is understandable, but belittling our team will not get him an NFL team. But I have a feeling that if NFL officials saw 60,000 cockamamie CFL fans at every game, their greedy little eyes would be looking our way again.

The CFL is good, competitive, exciting, entertaining, affordable football. That league, not the NFL, deserves our support.

Tim Bradin


Duffner kept word

In John Eisenberg's Sept. 27 column regarding the Maryland quarterback situation. he chose to overlook the main point: This was a case of Mark Duffner, an honest man, keeping his word.

The man has integrity and teaches integrity. This is not important? In college? Get real! It's one of the reasons I like Duffner and Maryland football, and if the Terps never win a national championship, I'll still like them.

Kenneth Shoemaker

Bel Air

Cummings should start

Regarding Mark Duffner's inane decision to scuttle his team's amazing performance this year: Brian Cummings should be upset. Scott Milanovich should have been benched.

What did Milanovich do for Maryland football? He gave it a black eye (even the NFL advised him not to apply for the supplemental draft -- maybe they know something).

Cummings, on the other hand, gave the program a shot in the arm. So what if Milanovich passes better? He didn't get the Terps to 4-0 in any previous season; he didn't get them to No. 17 in the polls. He got them a lot of negative press.

vTC My sincere sympathies to Cummings. To Duffner, I only wish that the W column stops at 4.

Michael Calo



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