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Newsletter gives ideas for using latest pastas


There have been a lot of food newsletters, but few with as clear a focus as Pasta Press, "the newsletter for connoisseurs of flavored pasta -- with a healthy twist."

It was started by the Gluck family, who make fresh pasta incorporating flavorings like red pepper, lemon thyme or roasted garlic in the dough and sell it at farmers markets up and down California. The newsletter came about, they say, because customers would eagerly buy pasta then ask what to do with it.

To their credit, the Glucks give away some of their dough recipes in this newsletter, and they provide recipes for using flavored pastas. The recipes tend to be big on vegetables and seafood and come from restaurant chefs and entrants in cooking contests conducted by the magazine as well as from the Glucks themselves.

This is a clear, attractive, no-nonsense publication with about eight recipes, and some basic cooking information, per quarterly issue. For a one-year subscription, send a check for $8 to Pasta Press, P.O. Box 3070, San Diego, CA 92163.

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