Independent Can Co. seeks tax credits to hire workers $76,000 asked for plant expansion


Independent Can Co., an Aberdeen manufacturer, is seeking $76,000 in tax credits because it wants to hire 40 workers and expand its plant, according to a bill to be introduced before the Harford County Council Tuesday.

The company, which makes decorative cookie tins and other cans, owns five buildings totaling 250,000 square feet in the Riverside Business Park, said George Harrison, a county spokesman.

The plan is to add a building on a 4 1/2 -acre lot adjacent to the existing operations in Riverside, Mr. Harrison said. The company would then expand its work force from the current 140 or so to roughly 185 by 1998, he said.

Mr. Harrison said the new jobs would be high-paying manufacturing jobs but that he did not know what the average wage would be.

In exchange for the new building, and hiring more workers, Independent Can could receive property tax credits for several years, until the company has been credited a total of $76,700.

The tax credit bill, which will be introduced but not voted on Tuesday, details how the credits would work for Independent Can. A public hearing on the matter will be held Nov. 7 at 6:15 p.m. in council chambers.

"This is a positive," Mr. Harrison said. "They have the money to expand. They could have expanded elsewhere, and they chose to expand here. This is an existing company, and these are real jobs that are here and will be added to."

Mr. Harrison said the tax credits for Independent Can "will not make or break them, but it does show our commitment to local businesses."

A tax credit allows the county to forgive taxes it would otherwise collect for a specified period.

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