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Sacrifices of today's elderly going in vainI...


Sacrifices of today's elderly going in vain

I feel very sad at what is happening to our country -- from the breakdown of law and order to the hypocrisy of our so-called "caring" society. Equally sad is that today very few of our current leaders -- politicians, churchmen, business moguls, etc. -- give a hoot about what older people think or want.

Aren't we old folks the very people that this summer's World War II and Korean War parades were all about? . . .

Our president has no memory of those war years except as a protester. He can't understand why we object so strongly to his undemocratic surrender to flag burners and abortionists, yet he's the one there on the balcony, surrounded by flags, smiling smugly on the dwindling ranks of silver-haired veterans. But I can tell you there is bitterness in the ranks below.

In those dark and dreadful war years, it was the ordinary men and women of America -- the unimportant people -- who kept the candle of freedom burning. They did it because they believed it would provide a better world someday for Europe, Asia and America and for the ultimate benefit of children yet unborn. Now the remnants of my generation are . . . dispirited because the peace we tried so hard to win has been squandered, thrown away into a slimy sewer of crumbling stand ards where patriotism, loyalty and decency are dismissed as old-fashioned values, irrelevant and unwanted. . . .

Now, as the ranks of war veterans are inexorably depleted, don't let their sacrifices be in vain. Be resolved to stand by the values that made America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Respect the law, the flag and one another. Reward those who work, not those who don't. Above all, resolve to support the dignity, sanctity and inherent worth of human life for which so many Americans fought and died -- even to the unborn of this and future generations.

John A. Richardson


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